UAS Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you need a license to operate a drone? 

A: Operating a drone commercial requires a license given by the Federal Aviation Administration. Always ask before hiring an individual who is offering drone services if they have a license, and make them show it to you! It's illegal to fly commercially without a license!

Q: I can buy a drone myself and get what I want. Why should I pay you?

A: While it is true drones aren't that expensive and easily attainable, you need a license as stated above to operate commercially (even if it's for yourself!), but it also takes a lot of experience to operate a drone safely and effectively.

Q: I live near an airport. Can you fly near me?

A: While it is possible to fly inside of a no-fly-zone (close proximity to an active airport), it does take a lot planning and coordination with local air traffic control, the FAA, and the manufacturer of our equipment.  If you have work needed near an airport, give M+M a minimum of 30 days to ensure we have the right procedures in place. If we make a planning mistake it could cause the entire job to be delayed extremely!

If you are NOT in close proximity to active airspace, there ARE some areas we can fly in with a quick approval the day of the job. While submitting your quotes for UAS work, include detailed information about your location so we can check on what needs to be done prior to our arrival.

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