Drone Operation


Acquiring unique perspectives for photos and video is becoming easier and easier. Quality images from the sky used to only be available by helicopter or airplane, which is very expensive. Now, amazing photos and video can now be captured with Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones). 


A wide variety of uses for drones has become available as technology has improved, as well as the demand.

Here are some examples of what drones can effectively be used for:

  • Cinematic Aerial Videography

  • Property Photos and Video

  • Panoramic Photos

  • 3D Models and Mapping

  • Area Surveying

  • Equipment Inspections

Below are some examples of UAS work that we have done. Have a question if something you have in mind can be done? Send us a message. We'll look into everything for you. 

UAS Frequently Asked Questions: Click Here

Prices start at $75.00

Photography Applications

Videography Applications


Shot entirely on a drone camera, the amazing images captured here took less than 30 minutes to achieve. Showcasing the true beauty of the 400 PENN PLAZA office complex in Roswell, NM is a rewarding task thanks to drone videography capabilities. 

With drone footage in the beginning shots of this video, establishing the location and main exterior features of the home were accomplished with beauty thanks to drones.

Sunwest Centre

Captured on a drone video camera and a steady video rig on the ground, these shots of the Sunwest Centre office complex in Roswell, NM feature the building's integration with downtown Roswell and it's central location. 

Drone video was featured at the beginning of this real estate clip, and the swimming pool never looked so good. With the unique "bird's eye" perspective of the swimming pool, the rest of the home felt warm and inviting.

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Landscape Photography

Sometimes you just have to get that perfect picture. No matter the reason, getting unique photos with drones is sometimes the only way to go. Whether you have a particular project in mind, or just need that perfect shot for a print in your living room, our drone cameras are high quality so you can expect an amazing image.